How to Apply

1. Complete HCS3000 (Workplace Safety course)

2. Click the button below or go to to complete the online preregistration form.

Off Campus and Work Experience Pre-Registration online form 

3. Print, complete and submit the appropriate Initial Forms Package to your Off Campus Teacher. You can also ask your Off Campus Teacher for a copy.  Forms can be submitted in person or by email (scan or photos).

Off Campus Initial Forms Package (Calgary and Vulcan)

Off Campus Initial Forms Package (Lethbridge Region)

4. Off Campus Teacher will complete a Safety Site Inspection.

5. Student will be registered in the course.

6. Click the box below or go to to print a time sheet.  Keep track of your hours.  Submit your time sheet to your Off Campus Teacher at the end of each month.  Time sheets must be signed by BOTH the student and the employer/supervisor. 

Time sheets 

Once you have accumulated 250 hours, the Off Campus Coordinator will arrange to have an evaluation completed by your employer/supervisor. (1 credit = 25 hours, minimum 3 credits)

For more information, please contact:

Jen Coutts

Off Campus Teacher (Lethbridge Region)


Charlene Foster

Off Campus Teacher (Calgary and Vulcan)