Green Certificate

Learn practical skills and earn credit in a variety of agricultural specializations.

How to apply


PREREQUISITE - AGR3000 (Agriculture Workplace Safety)

  • Issued by Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. 
  • Earned by completing 3 courses to the specified standard in the agricultural production specialization. This is assessed through oral or written examination.
  • The student can earn up to 16 credits toward the Alberta High School Diploma or the Certificate of High School Achievement.
  • The apprenticeship-style delivery ensures the student (trainee) learns on the job, under the direction of experienced farm personnel (trainers) and under the supervision and administration of Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development and Alberta Education.

Lethbridge College test dates

Olds College test dates

The program consists of 9 specializations:

  1. Bee Keeper Production
  2. Cow-Calf Beef Production
  3. Dairy Production
  4. Equine Technician
  5. Feedlot Beef Production
  6. Fields Crop Production
  7. Irrigated Field Crop Production
  8. Sheep Production
  9. Swine Production

For more information, please contact:

Jeni Bowden,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Picture Butte High School, County Central High School, Noble Central School


Jennifer Coutts,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Carmangay, Coalhurst High School, Huntsville School, John Davidson School, Kate Andrews High School, PBB Coaldale


Charlene Foster,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Brant Christian School, Calgary Christian High School, Calgary Islamic School, Heritage Christian Academy, Master's College, National Sports School, Palliser Beyond Borders