Dual Credit

What is Dual Credit?

Preparing to be a Pharmacy Assistant through Dual Credit.

***Dual Credit courses continue even though on-campus classes have been cancelled.  Instructors will be providing instruction through alternate delivery methods.  Please pay very close attention to any communication you receive from them and from your post-secondary institution.  Check your email and post-secondary accounts regularly for updates and instructions. ***


Dual-credit programs provide high school students with the opportunity to explore post-secondary education and career pathways while earning credits at both the high school and post-secondary institution. Post-secondary tuition fees are paid by Palliser. Dual-credit studies are available to full-time Palliser students, and are designed primarily for grade 11 and 12 students.

Dual credit helps students to:

  • get a jump start on their post-secondary education while still in high school
  • complete high school while engaging in meaningful curriculum
  • transition to post-secondary studies or move into the world of work
  • potentially complete post-secondary with less debt

Students must be able to accommodate dual-credit courses into their current school and extra-curricular schedules, and be ready to commit to the program for its entire duration, which can range from one to three semesters.

View this slide presentation for a brief Introduction to Dual Credit Programs.

More information for students and parents is on the Alberta Education website.

Check out our current list of Dual Credit programs.

For more information, please contact:

Jen Coutts

Off Campus Teacher (Lethbridge Region)


Charlene Foster

Off Campus Teacher (Calgary and Vulcan)