Work Experience

Volunteering is one way to earn Work Experience credits.

PREREQUISITE - HCS3000 (Workplace Safety Systems)

  • Provides opportunities for students to apply knowledge, skills and attitudes acquired through other course work in the workplace.
  • Discover their career interests and aptitudes in meaningful work activities, situated in community-based workstations and work sites in business, industry, government and community service.
  • WE (Work Experience) 15-25-35 may be offered for 3-10 credits at each level.
  • Each course is time based (25 hrs/credit)
  • A student may enroll in WE 35 without having completed WE 15 or 25. This course qualifies as a 30 level course towards an Alberta High School Diploma.
  • Students may earn up to 15 credits in WE towards their Alberta High School Diploma.
  • Program of Studies with learning outcomes and course requirements.
  • Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training - Updated Entrance Requirements

For more information, please contact:

Jeni Bowden,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Picture Butte High School, County Central High School, Noble Central School


Jennifer Coutts,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Carmangay, Coalhurst High School, Huntsville School, John Davidson School, Kate Andrews High School, PBB Coaldale


Charlene Foster,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Brant Christian School, Calgary Christian High School, Calgary Islamic School, Heritage Christian Academy, Master's College