Additional Learning Opportunities

Our team facilitates several additional learning opportunities that will help prepare you for the future:


Enriched Academy

Acquire basic knowledge and skills that will lay the foundation for financial wellness.  All modules are online.

Complete the three introductory modules to earn one credit.  Complete all 10 modules to earn 3 credits.

Ask your Learning Commons Facilitator to enroll you.

Credits Course codes Course title
1 credit FIN1010 Personal Financial Information
3 credits




Personal Financial Information       

Personal Investment Planning 1

Personal Investment Planning 2


Workplace Safety Systems and Agriculture Safety

These workplace safety courses help prepare you to be safe in the workplace.  They are prerequisites for the Work Experience, RAP and Green Certificate programs.  

This course is taught by your Off Campus Teacher.  Ask them how to sign up for the course.

Credits Course codes Course title
2 credits



Workplace Safety     

Agriculture Safety