How to Apply

  1. Complete HCS 3000 (Workplace Safety)
  2. Complete Off Campus Pre-Registration Form
  3. Complete and submit Initial Forms Package below, or request a copy from your Off Campus Coordinator or Career and Academic Counselor. Forms can be submitted in person or by email (scan or photos).
    1. Initial Forms Package (North- Calgary and Vulcan Region)
    2. Initial Forms Package (South - Lethbridge Region)
  4. Meet with your Off Campus Coordinator for assistance with your application to the Alberta Apprenticeship board.
  5. Off Campus Coordinator will complete a Safety Site Inspection.
  6. Student will be registered in the course.
  7. Submit timesheets to Off Campus Coordinator - MUST be signed by BOTH student and employer.
  8. Once a student has accumulated 125 hours, the Off Campus Coordinator will arrange to have an evaluation completed by the student's employer. (1 credit = 25 hours)

Off Campus pre-registration form

To participate in the Off Campus Education program, you must pre-register using your Palliser School Email ( You will receive a message from your Off Campus Coordinator communicating your next steps in the application process. 

For more information, please contact:

Jen Coutts

Off Campus Coordinator (Lethbridge)


Charlene Foster

Off Campus Coordinator (Calgary)