How to Apply for the Green Certificate

  1. Complete AGR3000 (Agriculture Workplace Safety)
  2. Complete Off Campus Pre-Registration Form
  3. Read the Green Certificate Information Sheet and complete the Green Certificate Registration Form.
  4. Print, complete and submit the Off Campus Initial Forms Package. (You can also request a copy from your Off Campus Coordinator or Learning Commons Facilitator.)  Forms can be submitted in person or by email (scan or photos).
  5. If required, print, complete and submit the Transportation Forms to your Off Campus Coordinator.  (If you get to your Off Campus site by walking, taking transit, driving yourself or being driven by your parent, you DO NOT need to fill in these forms. Students may not drive each other to Off Campus work sites.)
  6. Your Off Campus Coordinator will complete a Safety Site Inspection.
  7. Student will be registered in the course.
  8. The Off Campus Coordinator will email upcoming testing dates and locations for the students to enroll in.

Off Campus pre-registration form

To participate in the Off Campus Education program, you must pre-register using your Palliser School Email ( You will receive a message from your Off Campus Coordinator communicating your next steps in the application process.

For more information, please contact:

Jeni Bowden,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Picture Butte High School, County Central High School, Noble Central School


Jennifer Coutts,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Carmangay, Coalhurst High School, Huntsville School, John Davidson School, Kate Andrews High School, PBB Coaldale


Charlene Foster,  Off Campus Teacher (email)

Brant Christian School, Calgary Christian High School, Calgary Islamic School, Heritage Christian Academy, Master's College