Learning to use surveying equipment in Pre-Employment Carpentry.

Off Campus Programs 

Palliser Regional Schools is committed to promoting and facilitating meaningful career and vocational exploration opportunities for our students by partnering with businesses, post-secondary institutions and organization. These practical, hands on learning experiences  will allow students to develop their passions, strengths and skills and prepare them for life beyond high school. Off Campus programs include: 

1) Work Experience
2) Green Certificate
3) RAP (Registered Apprenticeship)
4) Dual Credit

Off Campus Education Vision:

Igniting a Passion in Students for Lifelong Learning and Career Exploration

Off Campus Education Mission:

In keeping with Palliser’s overall mission, the career and vocational exploration team will encourage students to explore interests and gain skills to increase their success and confidence in becoming engaged global citizens. In order to do this effectively, our goal is to facilitate collaborative partnerships with community stakeholders that will encourage students to find their passion and work to their fullest potential.

This mission is also in keeping with the overall purpose for off campus education as set out by Alberta Education:  

Alberta Education permits school authorities to develop off-campus education programs and courses in accordance with prescribed guidelines and procedures. Such programs allow junior and senior high school students to investigate a variety of career opportunities.

They also allow senior high school students to gain practical experience as they apply and expand their knowledge, skills and attitudes in contexts that will assist them in making wise decisions regarding their future education, training and employment upon leaving senior high school and allow for the smooth transition from school to work and/or post-secondary institutions. https://education.alberta.ca/off-campus-education/programs-of-study/